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"This is great, thank you so much for sharing! Great to hear that the community are getting around it and are loving the updates."

Maddy from Optus Sport regarding our coverage of the FIFA Women's World Cup. 


"Excellent value! Great service! Very happy with the results."

- Sean Wilson, CEO at BetterHR CEO. An award-winning HR company. Providing HR advice, tools and software. Trusted by thousands of Australian business people and over 300 partners.


The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP

"I am increasingly concerned with the lack of government messaging and advertising in my electorate of New England, and more broadly across regional Australia, and I am very supportive of your aim to redress this matter in regional Australia through independent and community based media networks.

I fully support advertising agencies adapting to the new media landscape and utilising independent and community media to reach the audiences where the major media outlets have withdrawn journalists. By ensuring government advertising is placed with independent media operating in those areas we can be assured the Government's advertising budget is spent wisely and effectively."

The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, Member for New England in Australian Parliament

The Hon Dave Layzell MP

"I see first-hand the significant reach and impact the independent and community based media has within my electorate and it would be beneficial if these outlets were afforded government advertising so that my constituents will be informed of important government messaging across a range of portfolios.

I support your initiative to redress this concerning imbalance."

The Hon Dave Layzell MP, Member for the Upper Hunter in Australian Parliament


"Thanks for sharing the below and thank you again for all your help with this one. It all looks great!" 

Tom from global media agency Initiative regarding Bunnings sponsorship of the Tamworth Country Music Festival broadcast. 

Scott Gibbons

"Phenomenal... Brilliant & Outstanding ... Any clever agent will just Lap this up."

- Scott Gibbons, 'MrSOLD'. Scott is recognised as Sydney’s premier BIG EVENT auctioneer. He was the #1 salesman in Australia for Century 21 Australia – part of the world’s biggest real estate group – 13 years in a row! He also won the Leonard Oades Annual Auction Trophy 10 years in a row! He also won the Century 21 ‘Golden Gavel’ award many many times.

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